EMPowerplus™, the most researched MicroNutrient in the world is unlike any other multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. As of January 2013 the EMPowerplus™ formulation is backed by:

22 Medical Journal Publications

  • The most respected evidence-based reports available to medical professionals that highlight new advances in the medical field.
  • Research has been published in 22 medical journals over the past decade proving the effectiveness of the EMPowerplus™ formulation.

41 Researchers

  • Truehope has been approached by 41 independent researchers over the last decade who have contributed to ongoing studies.
  • The research that has resulted has been positive and has shown significant improvement in the lives of those with mood disorders.

15 Universities

  • The EMPowerplus™ formulation has been studied around the world including at 15 renowned universities.

3 Continents

  • Since the reach of the EMPowerplus™ research has been phenomenal, it has spread throughout the world and has taken place across North America, Europe, and Australia.