Ken searched for nearly a year to find the best MLM opportunity to join as an Independent Business Owner and ultimately chose Q Sciences, Inc. for his home as an Independent Rep. Here is why…

Cause and purpose. Ken chose Q because he wants to serve and save lives and relationships. Thats the real Why!

You can imagine that there were dozens of companies actively recruiting Ken because of his knowledge and network within this industry and because of his leadership skills and ability to use technology especially Social Media to grow and manage a global team.

After 30 years in this space Ken knew what to look for in the perfect opportunity for him and he found that perfect combination in Q Sciences from a business perspective. But the truth is he chose Q because it fulfilled his “Why” he wants to help people. He wants to save and change lives. Because his was once saved and changed from a life of depression and stress and addiction he wants to give back and Q gives him purpose, it is not about the money.

Marc Wilson the Founder of Q is one of a kind and a proven leader. A former NFL quarterback with 2 Superbowl championship rings, an MBA in Business and a degree in Finance, a successful RE investment fund manager and bottom line a driven man who knows how to succeed.

Daren Hogge the CEO of Q has run 3 different MLM companies over the past 3 decades doing nearly 4 Billion in sales in over 70 countries. There is simply not more than 3 or 4 CEO’s in this space that have that type of success record. He is the best CEO Ken has ever met and the main reason Ken chose Q!

Jimmy Kossert is one of the Founding IBO’s for Q and has earned over 10 million dollars as a field sales rep in MLM. He is one of the top 10 all time MLM leaders Ken has ever worked with. When Jimmy offered to teach Ken what he knows and be his mentor in the field that about sealed the deal.

When Ken saw the opportunity to join this team it did not take long to make his decision. Hearing the product story was the final straw.

So couple the people involved with this incredible product and Q won hands down over all the other opportunities Ken investigated. Nothing else was even a close second.

If you or someone you love suffers from any type of mental pain or disorder try a bottle and see if it works.

EMPowerPlus, the lead product, had been on the market for over 16 years and sold over 5 million bottles retail, (Before QSciences got the license to distribute the product) is a 100% all natural solution to good mental health. That means it helps people get off the prescription medications that in Kens and millions of others minds are destroying our world. Depression, BiPolar, Anxiety, ADHD, Stress inability to sleep etc. These are not “cured” by DRUGS. Prescription meds only mask the symptoms while chemically in many cases harming the user in other ways. EMPowerPlus helps people get off these meds and get back to normal happier functioning life. It is not a miracle pill. It is not a drug at all. Just a holistic blend and process of delivery of specific vitamins and minerals that the brain needs to function better. It doesn’t work on everyone but for those it does it is profound. What ken loves best about the sales process for this product is how simple it is. “Try a bottle for a month for only $49. If it changes your life you know where to find me.” Thats what Ken calls the easiest sales pitch he has ever had to develop.

There have been over 20 clinical trials and medical reviews on the product. Harvard University’s Dr. Charles Popper deemed the product a breakthrough in the treatment of mood disorders.

If you are interested in trying the product there is even a 7 day sample for under $20 you are welcome to order. Just click the button below.

If you are interested in the business aspect of Q go to Ken’s YouTube Channel to hear for yourself why Ken believes the elements for success are perfect right now at Q. If you then want to know more or become an IBO on Ken’s team and learn how he leverages the web and social media to build his business by sharing the product contact Ken anytime. But most of all if you are interested having a purpose, being a part of a cause call Ken. Ken believes Q will save millions of lives and relationships and help millions lead happier drug free lives, that’s the Q cause to Ken, that’s why Q, Ken@kenforrest.com

Other sites where you can learn more about the business and product are Qsciencesinfo.com , truehope.com, Ken’s FB site at QEmpowered , and Ken’s YouTube Channel.